At the beginning of paint application, parts are cleaned by sandblasting. After they enter the automatic paint line, they are then carried by an aerial programmed crane system through the cataphoresis tanks and e-coated. Parts are then carried by power & free conveyor and powder coating of desired color is applied. If requested, wet paint may be applied. Once our paint application process is completed, the semi-finished products go through a final-paint check point and are ready for assembly.

Blast Cleaning Machine : 4 turbins, 2 hanging system, max.Part size 2000 x 2000 x 2000 (mm)

Cataphoresis and Powder Coating Line:

* E-coat method: Coating by dipping
* Type of transport : by aerial programmed craning system + power & free conveyor
* Max prt size : 2000 (W) X 2400 (L) X 1800 (H) mm


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